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Beatpixels Ltd to release automated 3D conversion service

Beatpixels Ltd are announcing the release of public beta of the first automated online 2D to 3D conversion service, dimension+.

The service will allow the users to create good quality conversions for autostereoscopic displays, literally with a click of a button. “Dimension+ makes it possible to get a good quality still image from your computer onto a glasses-free 3D screen in less than five minutes” says the company founder Janne Taponen.

The public beta version is currently limited to conversion of still images with video conversion capabilities added to the full version, due to release later this year. The pay-as-you-go pricing model and the fully automated conversion is intended to make it simple and affordable to convert even large quantities of content.

Janne Taponen explains the motives behind creating the service; “There seems to be discrepancy between the development of the display products and content creation tools”. States Taponen about the traditionally hard to use specialist tools and continues; “With dimension+ we’ve tried to address two key issues, content creation and repurposing, currently standing in the way of wide-spread adaption of 3D in digital signage networks.”

The public beta version is currently only available for selected Beatpixels Ltd partners.