Mayavision 120

Beatpixels Ltd unveils new holographic unit, the MayaVision™ 120

Imagine yourself at the top of a South American pyramid...

The language carved into the rock around you is beautiful and ancient. If you could read it, it would tell you that the entire building you've ascended is actually an astronomical tool, used to extract the stars' movements through mathematics and observation. The forward thinking Mayans possessed knowledge and ambition that was millennia ahead of their time.

By the guidance of their ancestors, Mayan scholars were able to predict the future and now, so does Beatpixels Ltd with this modern adaptation of the time tested Pepper's Ghost technology.

Beatpixels Ltd brings you holographic 3D technologies that are inspired by the visionary pursuits and futuristic progress of the Ancient Mayans. By looking into the past we show you the future with MayaVision™

Beatpixels Ltd has again successfully designed, manufactured and delivered its own holographic units.  The MayaVision™ 120 joins the company’s growing family of MayaVision™ products.

Contrary to standard ‘off-the-shelf’ or “Point of Sale” models on the market, the MayaVision™ 120 features angled sides, which enhances the depth effect and increases the horizontal angle of view to over 120 degrees.

The standard MayaVision™ range covers all shapes and sizes from small point of sale up to 5m life-sized image units. The collection offers an attention grabbing, engaging and memorable solution to marketing and communication. Jason Robinson, Managing Director of Beatpixels Limited comments “With the introduction of a standard Point of Sale unit to our MayaVision™ range we can honestly say that we offer an in-house solution whatever the client wishes.  The innovation of a wider viewing angle and front facing internal lighting gives the MayaVision™ 120 the competitive edge in the market place

mayavision-120 video