Red Cross Spot Manila

#DoohGood update

A week on from the initial appeal by David Haynes to the DooH industry the #DooHGood campaign is gradually gaining pace. Ad’s have been made in English, French and even Spanish to get the message to as many people as possible.

In the UK alone the DEC appeal has raised more than £33 million pounds.

During major TV shows such as The X Factor on ITV appeals for donations continued, even a part of the costs of voting have be given to the DEC appeal.

This major coverage is not going to last much longer, the Philippine Disaster story has already been dropped to second place on the BBC news website. Now is the time that the DooH industry is going to make the difference, without the work of all those who have made content for the appeal being broadcast on local networks, the message is going to be assigned to tomorrows fish n’ chip paper and forgotten.

Even within the Philippines the message is still in the minds of everyone who arrives and departs from the capital. Due to the generous help of the guys at VLink Interactive and our friend Bing Kimpo. Our content is being broadcast in both arrivals and departures of Manila’s international airport.

But the work cannot stop now, more spots in more locations around the world are still needed. Let’s keep the message going, let’s make sure that everyone who needs help gets it.

The content Beatpixels produced can be easily adapted for use in any country in any language.  If anyone needs content to raise funds please do not hesitate to contact us. To get us going in another country here is a Finnish version! Download here: